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SADO Charlie Gilmour’s Mummy Sticks Up For Him On Twitter

by | 2nd, August 2011

BERTH blocking SADO (sons and daughters of…) Charlie Gilmour is being locked up for 23 hours a day. Indeed, why not 24? His mum, novelist Polly Samson – married to Pink Floyd guitarist Dave Gilmour – has taken to Twitter (again) to write about her poor boy. Gilmore is not long into a 16 months sentence for violent disorder.

Says she:

“Letter from son still locked in 23 hours a day. Pickpocket has offered tutelage but shortage of pockets on prison uniforms. He seems to be coping remarkably well despite being locked in 23 hours a day.”

A “follower” adds:

“Poor lad should have worn a balaclava, 16 months for protesting.”

Well, sort of. He spent part of last December’s student fees protest swinging off the Cenotaph. Anorak is of the opinion that the history student who claims via his dad’s PR reps he did not know that the Cenotaph is a memorial to the glorious dead should be placed in the stocks and made to drink Terry Waite’s urine. Gilmour was jailed for attacking Prince Charles’s convoy during those protests.

Says his mummy:

“I would advise anyone who’s thinking of protesting to wear [a balaclava]. Is so unfair that only one side gets to wear armour.”

Indeed. It is unfair that the forces of law and order have all the good ammo. Better if the row was settled by a celebrity death match. The cops choose a champion – a wooden top who has nicked the most celebs. The protesters select a leading face fomo the world of light entertainment. Each champion then undresses and while dry humping Nelson’s Column has 30 seconds to reel off the names of people they’ve met. The matter of who has the best list – and is thus the winner – is settled by five judges dressed in hoods and neckerchiefs pulled over their faces.

Everyone else can stay in, get stoned and watch the telly – and wait to get a great job and a new Savile Row suit from mum and dad…


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