Anorak News | Ian Redmond’s Death By Shark Could Have Been Worse, Says Daily Mail

Ian Redmond’s Death By Shark Could Have Been Worse, Says Daily Mail

by | 18th, August 2011

IAN Redmond has been killed on his honeymoon in the Seychelles. His death is on the front pages of the Sun (the treasure hunt – “Find my Ian’s wedding ring“), the Mirror (Mrs Shark’s view – “SHARK’S WIDOW SPEAKS“), the Mail (the ‘it could happen to you’ – “Lovestruck on their perfect honeymoon – then the killer shark attacked“) and the Telegraph (the conclusive – “Final picture of shark attacks couple“).

Sharks are always big news in August, most often when potted off the coat of Bridlington, Brighton or Bournemouth. But this time a Briton has been killed by one overseas – in a place the tabloids remind us over and over where Prince Williams and Kate Middleton honeymooned.

In all papers, we hear from the bereaved brie Gemma Redmond, a 27-year-old primary school teacher from Lancashire.She has issued a statement:

“My husband and my best friend was tragically killed yesterday,’ she said. ‘I loved him so much and he was a very special husband, a thoughtful son and a devoted brother. He worked tirelessly to give us both a wonderful married life and home and I want to thank him for nine years of joy. We were having so much fun and we were so excited about our future together. Myself, our families and our friends are devastated and shocked by what has happened. The loss of Ian has left a gaping hole in our hearts that will never be filled. He was always calm and collected, strong and brave, witty and intelligent, handsome and caring, a remarkable individual who will be deeply and sorely missed. We are privileged and proud to have shared our lives with him.”

But who can be blamed for the horror? No-one saw the creature that killed Ian Redmond, but the Sun did mange to measure it:

Gemma spoke out as a flotilla of harpoon-wielding fishermen began scouring the bloodied Indian Ocean waters for the 8ft predator, backed by a Seychelles navy gunboat.

The Mail points the finger:

Last night questions were being asked about what action had been taken to protect tourists after it emerged French tourist, Nicolas Virolle, 36, had been killed by a shark swimming off the same beach only a fortnight earlier.

Alain Virolle, the victim’s father, tells us:

“It’s an absolute tragedy, and one which could have been avoided,’ he said. ‘It was criminal to leave the beach open in these circumstances.You can’t run a tourist resort full of hundreds of holidaymakers and expose them to these kind of dangers. It appears that the authorities in the Seychelles are more interested in making money than ensuring people’s safety. They are obsessed with money. It is a disgraceful situation.”


some officials said could have been as a result of being cut by a boat propeller. Shark attacks are rare in the idyllic Indian Ocean archipelago.

The horror is then put into perspective in the Mail’s section about tiger sharks and bull sharks called:

“Killer that inspired Jaws”

Well, no. Surely it is the horror of being attacked by a shark that inspired the film Jaws. The actual fish is more likely to be killed for its fin and turned into soup.

The hunt is on for the shark. The Sun says it contains gold – maybe:

One holidaymaker who saw the attack said: “They’ve been searching for the arm in the sea in the hope they’ll find the ring. They may yet find it inside the shark if they hunt it down and kill it.”

Over in the Mirror, Gemma’s uncle, Ken Houghton, says:

“We’re looking at each other now and we don’t know what to say. We’ve been stunned into silence. They had their whole lives in front of them.”

Or not.

But if you think our pedantry is insensitive, then get a load of the Mail, which conjures up this horror – Gemma Redmond may care not to read on:

No one understands the horror of this week’s fatal shark attack on British honeymooner Ian Redmond better than Rodney Fox. A great white shark left him needing 462 stitches and only the wet suit holding him together enabled him to survive. In an extraordinary interview some years ago, he told RICHARD SHEARS his story. It is the most terrifying account of a shark attack you’ll ever read…

But it’s not the worst shark attack account. The most terrifying account is the one about Ian Redmond – he hever got to tell his story.

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