Anorak News | Prince Harry, Two Croatian Models And A Wet Patch: Video Of Hal’s Chicken Dance Cocktail Dive

Prince Harry, Two Croatian Models And A Wet Patch: Video Of Hal’s Chicken Dance Cocktail Dive

by | 30th, August 2011

YOU’VE seen the video and photos of Prince Harry Baseball Cap dancing like a chicken in a dad suit in a Croatian club before falling into a massive cocktail. While royal watchers debate where Harry tumbled into the drink to mask an earlier, er, spill on his smart denims, the Mail tells us that “Really” happened when Harry got pissed and left a club with wannabe models Ana Simovic, 23, and Svetlana Gavrilovic, 28, and his pal Tom Inskip.

Mis Gavrilovic says:

“He was a true gentleman, very nice and polite. He noticed us and came over to say ‘Hi’. I was very surprised by how approachable he was.”

Saucy stuff, eh, readers.

In pursuit of more facts the Mail talks with Veneranda’s “marketing manager” Sanja Britt Jusic:

“I was worried about him slipping and hurting himself or catching a cold, so I gave him one of the T-shirts we sell in our shop. After putting it on, he looked just like a club waiter. We have been joking that now we will sell cups of the swimming pool water that Prince Harry swam in.”

Of course, she’s joking. Cups… As if. Bottles is where the money is at, Sanja.

Then what?

“At first, nobody knew who he was. He kept on going up to tables of girls and standing there, trying to talk with them. But they weren’t bothered at all as they didn’t know who he was. Croatian girls can be quite cold and they were not interested even though he was trying quite hard. When the girls realised who he was, they started dancing and flirting with him. He was kissing lots of them, not on the lips though.”

And that’s when he pulled the local twin strike force of Simovic and Gavrilovic?

After leaving Veneranda, Harry went for a swim in the sea before returning to a friend’s yacht.

And the girls..? And nothing. Still, we do get to see a photos of “raunchy” Svetlana wearing a bikini by a motorbike – you now, like Prince Harry might on a day out with the lads…


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