Anorak News | Lindsay Lohan Gets Billy Joel Tattooed Under Her Boobs: Photos

Lindsay Lohan Gets Billy Joel Tattooed Under Her Boobs: Photos

by | 2nd, September 2011

LINDSAY LOHAN is good fun isn’t she? Mad punchy drunk diamond thief, occasionally doing a bit of acting work. What a great life she’s got. There’s pictures of her taking drugs with Paris Hilton (allegedly!) and she’s have sex with whatever gender she fancies.

She’s doing exactly what a famous person should.

And that includes… um… getting Billy Joel lyrics tattooed just under her boobies. That’s right! She’s got some words inked onto her ribs. They say:

“Clear as a crystal sharp as a knife, I feel like I’m in the prime of my life”

That’s from Billy’s 1989 song ‘I Go to Extremes’, which is just great eh? You knew that right? No. Us neither.

LiLo’s mom, Dina, says:

“We’re all big Billy Joel fans from living in New York. His lyrics have always been very profound”

“It means Lindsay is back on her game – doing really well”

Doing really well while doing community service, as ordered by the courts after being under house arrest. Yeah! Super duper!

Of course, this shouldn’t be the last lyric Lohan gets written on her body permanently. We suggest the lyrics to ‘Superman’ by Black Lace on her forehead (generally good advice for clean living in there, with ‘spray’, ‘clean your teeth’, ‘comb your hair’ and of course ‘give us a wave’).

But ideally, Lindsay would have the lyrics to this song tattooed all over her torso.

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