Anorak News | Lucien Laviscount Romps With Big Sister Kerry Katona: Big Brother Incest Shocker

Lucien Laviscount Romps With Big Sister Kerry Katona: Big Brother Incest Shocker

by | 13th, September 2011

KERRY Katona and Lucien Laviscount are in a “4-HOUR HOTEL ROMP”. Well, so says the Daily Star in yet another Big Brother exclusive.

Jack Bellamy has news:

LOVED-UP Kerry Katona and Lucien Laviscount have reignited their Celebrity Big Brother fling.

You will recall that a fling consist of a peck on the cheek and Kerry saying she sees Lucien Laviscount as a “little brother”.

She has also said:

“I could have got arrested for the amount of thoughts I had about him.”

Lucien told us in his eviction interview:

“She’s a beautiful person. I never saw her like that, she’s like a big sister. She told me I was too young for her. Crushed.”

Hey. If incest is okay for siblings at Motherwell train station, it’s okay for the starzzzzz.

The passionate pair spent four hours in a five-star hotel suite, days after leaving the TV house Sexed-up stars Lucien Laviscount and Kerry Katona rekindled their Celeb Big Brother fling at a five-star hotel.

How do we know this?

Our source revealed: “They were locked away for hours. No-one else was around. Just Kerry, Lucien, some champagne and a Do Not Disturb sign. They spent four hours alone. It was the perfect place for romance too. Huge king-size bed, a bath designed for two and champagne on tap. Lucien may be much younger than Kerry but he’s a real man in the bedroom…”

And then, threateningly:

“These two could be the new Jordan and Peter Andre. Just watch this space.”

But weren’t Katie Price and Peter really in love and lust and not just the product of a Daily Star wet dream..?


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