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Manchester United David De Gea ‘Steals’ Doughnut: Ignores Prawn Sandwiches

by | 30th, September 2011

MANCHESTER United player David De Gea has been “CAUGHT NICKING £1.19 TESCO DOUGHNUT”.

The Sun explains how De Gea overlooked the prawn sandwiches and own-brand treats:

SUPER-rich Manchester United goalkeeper David de Gea was given a yellow card by Tesco — for pinching a £1.19 DOUGHNUT.

The allegation is that De Gea was spotted eating an Original Glazed bun from a Krispy Kreme cabinet at a store in Altrincham, Greater Manchester.

He then, reportedly, left the shop without paying for it.

De Gea was taken to the store’s “stop and search” room. He was let go without charge.

The Sun then offers this chilling warning to £70,00-a-week De Gea:

Tesco has a strict policy of a three-month store ban for alleged shoplifters.

Is this shoplifting or just forgetting?

De Gea’s alleged antics are not in the league of England and Liverpool’s Glen Johnson who in 2007 was pinched for stealing a toilet seat:

“My mate was doing his house up, so we went to get some bits,” he recalls. “He sees a whole set of bathroom things for a set price – sink, toilet, taps and all that. Then he realises the toilet seat in the set isn’t the one he wants. You know, the sort that closes gently to stop kids trapping their hands. So he swaps it. We go to the till to pay for everything and as soon as we’ve got to the other side they say security wants to speak to us. They say they’ve caught us on CCTV stealing. Apparently, the toilet seat we chose was a couple of quid more expensive. Me and my mate just burst out laughing. I mean, what sort of thieves would walk through the till?

“When the police turn up, they crack up as well. But the store wouldn’t let it go. We had offered to pay the difference straight away but they weren’t having it. And the police didn’t want to arrest us for £4.80. It would have created too much paperwork. In the end, we were told we could either go to court and fight it or pay an £80 fine on the spot and forget about it. We did that. We didn’t have time to go to court for £4.80. But obviously when you do that you’re admitting guilt.”

Here’s a gallery of alleged celebrity shoplifters:

Ten Famous Shoplifters, With Jade Goody And Steven Gerrard


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Stevie G - England captain “I grabbed a few pens and paper from Woolworths and made a dash for the door but the security guard grabbed me.” Go on. “I thought it was all over. I thought the club would drop me. And I was convinced the school would expel me.” And where would Steven be today without GCSEs?


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