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Daily Mail Writer Nick Pisa Explains Amanda Knox’s Guilt

by | 4th, October 2011

IN reaction to the Daily Mail’s now famous flight of fancy in its report on the ‘guilty verdict and failed appeal [sic] against innocent Amanda Knox , our pal Tim Ireland writes to Mail clairvoyant Nick Pisa, aka Nick Pisa Pie. Pisa has also worked on the Meredith Kercher case for the Daily Mirror.

He offered in 2009:

With her wide smile and calm demeanour party girl Amanda Knox looks as if she is off to have fun yesterday – not facing trial for murder.

With a touch of make-up and dressed in a hooded grey sweatshirt and jeans, the woman dubbed Foxy Knoxy beamed as she was led into court, smirked while holding a book on the Italian penal code and joked with her interpreter.

You can read about that Knox smile here.

You can read about Pisa’ latest reporting masterclass here:

from Tim Ireland

to nickpisa[AT]
date Tue, Oct 4, 2011 at 8:56 AM
subject Your talent for invention

Dear Nick,

Do you have any response to the evidence that you and relevant Daily Mail staff were prepared to go to print with [an] entirely invented accounts of events, reactions and statements that you could not possibly have witnessed?

This is what I have prepared in advance;

“Oh, do calm down; EVERYBODY does it,” said a clearly emotional Pisa before calling his critics names and running away.

If you would prefer me to report something you actually said, rather than what I expected you to say, then please do get in touch.


Tim Ireland

Nick Pisa:  “If you knew anything about reporting and not blogging then you would know two versions are written for court stories on deadline. Also as you are so web obsessed then you will have seen several news organisations made the same mistake.”

Tim Ireland: “I did see others making a similar mistakes re: the verdict, but this is entirely distinct from inventing reactions and statements made in ‘response’ to something that hadn’t happened. Are you saying that you’ve done this before and you regard it to be acceptable?”

Nick Pisa: “No. Now you are twisting my words. It is a version that is fine tuned before being sent for publication or online… To be honest I think it’s best you get a response from the Mail. They posted it. I have told you what happened. I do not recall name calling in fact the jeering was from your side as I recall ! I did not run away. I did not see the point in discussing it and I am as angry as you are.”

You can read the wonder here:



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