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Amanda Knox’s Millions Are Her Dues: Meredith Kercher Has Not Lost Out

by | 6th, October 2011

AMANDA Knox appears on just two front page:

“Amanda Knox insists: ‘I’m not a monster'” – Daily Express

“Knoxy haunted by the ghost of Meredith” – Daily Star

Together these headlines continue to promote the whispers that justice has not been done. The British press will not release Amanda Knox from their court of public opinion.

Lindy McDowell writes in the Belfast Telegraph:

Their [Kerchers] gentle, innocent girl has been all but forgotten. Foxy Knoxy looks set to make a fortune flogging her story.

Again the British press juxtapose the dead women against the woman wrongly convicted of her murder. The inference is that in getting on with her life Knox is behaving badly – that Kercher is the only victim in an unfair world that let’s Knox prosper. But Knox is innocent. She is free to make money and spend it how she wishes. There is not a shred of evidence linking her to the murder of Meredith Kercher. But Meredith Kercher – Our Meredith – was British, and therefore the British press seek to patronise the dead women by seeing to it that another woman is hurt. McDowell says Kercher was innocent. So too is Knox. One life ended and one life damaged. The killer or killers must answer for much.

As for the two stories:

The Express reports that Knox wrote a note on the day when Meredith Kercher’s body was show to the court in Perugia:

“I could not bring myself to look at the photographs of Meredith’s body because I could not stand to see the way she had been reduced. I never saw Mez (Meredith) dead other than in those photographs which my lawyers showed me and which shocked me. I can’t look at them calmly because Mez was my friend.” She added: “I am not the Monster of Perugia.”

Prosecutor Manuela Comodi, tell media:

“I have a message for Knox: Have a nice trip. Justice has not been done, it was a victory of the rich over the poor, America over Italy, the ­private over the public.”

Odd that a man of law seems to have so little faith in the justice system he represents. But, then, get this from Judge Claudio Pratillo Hellmann who says the acquittals “resulted from the truth that was created in the trial. But the real truth could be different. They could also be responsible but the proof isn’t there.”

The talk is of his suing for Knox to be extradited to Italy to face a re-trial. He has no chance.

And so to the Star’s news on Knox being “haunted”. This follows the Daily Mirror’s news that Knox has forgotten all about Kercher.

FREED Amanda Knox has been left haunted by the ghost of murdered British student Meredith Kercher. Pals say the American is tormented by nightmares of her former flatmate and cannot even bear to hear the pretty student’s name.

But isn’t Knox writing about Kercher using the dead girl’s name?

Now experts have warned the memory of Meredith’s brutal killing could hang over her for ever. “She will never be the same after this,” said professor of communications Gregory Payne. She will be haunted by what happened.”

Well, if that’s what the experts say. If the experts say a woman who served four years in prison – time served for a murder she did not committ and for slandering Patrick Lumumba – might have problems readjusting to normal life in the media spotlight, then who are we to argue?

Maybe money can help? The Telegraph licks a finger and guesses that Knox cold make £2million from her ordeal. It hears from her family’s publicist Dave Marriott:

“The importance of her telling her story is to give a picture of hope to people, but also to correct the misperceptions of her, the mischaracterisations of her, of who she is as a person. For her to tell her story will help people understand what a wonderful young woman she is. She has a very heartfelt story to tell.”

The Daily Record say Knox will earn £10million.

The London Evening Standard says the figure is £20million.

The Family Could Use The Cash:

Both ABC and NBC are said to be pushing hard for a sit-down with Knox, whose family has said it is nearly bankrupt from the more than $1 million in legal fees related to the case. “I don’t even look at how deep the financial hole is,” Edda Mellas, Knox’s mother, said last week. “When Amanda gets out we’ll think about that.” Elizabeth Huff, Knox’s grandmother, took out a $250,000 loan.

Meanwhile, in Seattle:

“With that level of celebrity, there’s always going to be some degree of problems,” Seattle Police Sgt. Sean Whitcomb said Wednesday afternoon. “Although no one’s officially reached out, we certainly have tools at our disposal that can be of assistance.” Seattle police said they’re prepared to investigate possible phone harassment, could increase neighbourhood patrols if gawkers prove to be problematic and may investigate potential trespassing if paparazzi problems are reported. But officials stressed they’d do that for any Seattle resident in a similar situation. We’re not a private security company,” Whitcomb said. “But we are a responsive government agency. Certainly if there are any law violations surrounding Amanda’s return, then we’ll take it very seriously.”

The media frenzy will die down one day in the not too distant future. Amanda Knox should seek any cash while she can. Life without the money would only be harder…

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