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The Simple Pleasure Of Ruining Amanda Knox’s Life In The Daily Mail

by | 14th, October 2011

AMANDA Knox: “Sweet taste of freedom for Foxy,” declares the Daily Mail on its cover. The paper that called her an actress continues to shine a bright light on an innocent woman. The photo is captioned:

“A simple pleasures: Amanda Knox out buying some chocolate and toothpaste near her US home.”

Ah, the simple pleasure of being photographed as you pop to the shops.

The Telegraph’s Andrew Hough also spots those simple pleasures:

Before she makes up her mind [on who to sell her story to], Miss Knox wants to spend time at home with her family, savouring such simple pleasures as sleeping in her own bed.

Back in the Daily Mail, Tom Leonard writes:

And despite her notoriety, witnesses said she was not recognised during her rare sorties out of her bolt-hole. She was able to walk to her local shop joking with a friend on Saturday.

Witnesses? Her notoriety? The state of being known for some unfavourable act or quality… But she did nothing wrong. She is innocent. The Mail does her a disservice.

While Knox and her family consider offers to make their life better – and maybe keep the gawpers at bay – others are cashing in. The Sun reports:

MAGAZINE has sparked fury with its special edition on Amanda Knox — by giving away KNIVES with every copy… But Italian mag Oggi has Knox on its cover and comes with four black-handled kitchen knives — like the one said to have been used in the killing. It was blasted for “poor taste” on many internet forums. But copies sold out at six newsagents quizzed by The Sun in Rome yesterday. One vendor said: “I was shocked.”

And still they stare. The Rumorfix blog observes:

Her dad, Curt Knox, took Amanda to the opera Carmen on Wednesday in Seattle. Then on Thursday, the woman once convicted of murder, took a trip to Starbucks with her step dad, Chris Mellas.

In “AMANDA KNOX Denim of Sin”, TMZ fills in any gaps:

Newly released, formerly convicted murderer Amanda Knox felt a little blue earlier today — rocking a jean-on-jean combo in Seattle … despite it not being 1995.

How long was she locked up for? Had only she stayed in prison another three years, her look would have come full circle. Touch luck, ‘Manda.

So. Having led with photos of an innocent woman walking down a lane, we are minded of the Daily Mail’s words of September 1997, published eights says after Princess Diana’s death:

“The proprietor of the Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday and Evening Standard announced last night that his papers will not in future purchase pictures taken by paparazzi.”

Send them down…

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