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Amnesty Internation Wants George Dubya Arrested

by | 14th, October 2011

DUBYA! What a guy! The most comedic world leader in years! Nearly as funny as that Ronald Reagan guy! Of course, the fundamental difference between George W. Bush and Ronnie is that Dubya is being harangued by Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, while Ron is… well… dead.

Amnesty has gone and demanded the arrest and prosecution of Bush before he appears at an economic summit in Surrey, British Columbia on October 20th.

They want his arrest due to the “overwhelming evidence that Bush and other senior administration officials authorized and implemented a regime of torture and ill-treatment of hundreds of detainees in US custody.”

They also want him extradited but, naturally, the Canadian government has absolutely no intention of playing ball with these demands, in favour of listening to Neil Young LPs and trying to ignore the organizations that are “engaging in cheap stunts.”

All this is a little rich of course. Amnesty haven’t pointed and shrieked at other travelling world leaders like Putin and Castro who have also been accused of many killings and such.

However, Amnesty aren’t having any of it, saying in a statement that the former President authorized the use of “enhanced interrogation techniques” such as waterboarding, which is a violation of basic human rights and international criminal law.

Maybe they should just give Dubya a bag of pretzels and let him kill himself, eh?

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