Anorak News | Suspected Spy Katia Zatuliveter Studied English Under Mike Hancock MP For Four Years

Suspected Spy Katia Zatuliveter Studied English Under Mike Hancock MP For Four Years

by | 19th, October 2011

KATIA Zatuliveter, 26, ala Ekaterina, says that she did indeed have a affair with allegedly philandering Mike Hancock, the married LibDem MP for Portsmouth South. She also had, reportedly, “flirtations” with a Nato wonk and a Dutch diplomat.

She is accused of being a Russian spy. The British Government want to deport her. She is fighting their right to do so. She says the Government has got it wrong. She sayss he is no spy. Mike Hancock says he passed on no secrets. Katia has been making her case to the panel sitting on the Special Immigration Appeals Commission.

Katia was 21 and a student at St Petersburg University when she met Mr Hancock. She was invited to “chaperone” him round the city. On day one, she tells the group:

“He told me he wanted to sleep with me. He went up to his room and he brought a CD and some money… He made it very clear from the beginning he was interested in me. He tried to kiss me. He was very charming during this time. I was not getting much attention from men during this period.”

She says she rejected his music, his money and his advances.

She then went to meet him in Moscow with the intention of practising her English before an exam.

Jonathan Glasson, for the Home Office, gives it the huge sideways eyes and chips in:

“The real motivation was so you could develop a sexual relationship wasn’t it?”

No, sir. It was the Uganda, sorry, Moscow discussions, sir.

She replied:

“I could prepare to do an exam in St Petersburg or I could go and spend a few days with a native speaker.”

One class led to another and before long Katia had been studying under Mr Hancock for four years.

Mr Glasson adds:

“You knew exactly what was going to happen didn’t you, and it didn’t have anything to do with practising your English? It was to develop a relationship with Mr Hancock.”

Katia: “No it wasn’t.”

In 2006, the year she met Hancock, she moved to Britain, working three or four days a month for Hancock. He gave her a Parliamentary pass. In 2008 she began working for him full time as a Parliamentary researcher. Then she moved in with him at his London flat. By now her English was top-notch.

She read his mail, including the private and confidential stuff. Says she:

“I was able to read them, but I was not interested.”

Mr Glasson tells her:

“You have been reporting from Londongrad, from the heart of British democracy, the UK Parliament. You were much more than a researcher for a backbencher MP. You have ensured that the Russian Intelligence services have eyes and ears in the House of Commons, you were someone who would ensure that questions were asked in Parliament… You were pleased to be getting attention from a man who was in a powerful and influential position?’

She replied:

“I know he is not particularly powerful, he is a back bench MP – why are you trying to portray him as a senior government minister?”

We’re warming to Miss Zatuliveter.

The court hears that she had contact with a man known only as Boris, who was a suspected spy and expelled from Britain.

Glasson: “He was a Russian intelligence officer, wasn’t he?”
Kstia: “That’s what I was told by MI5, so I don’t know it’s true. But they also said that I was, so I don’t know.”

Maybe the Government has got it the wrong was round – maybe Mike Hancock was attracted to her intelligence…

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