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Is The US Declaration Of Independence Legal? No, Says the British

by | 21st, October 2011

HEY, America. We own you! Your Declaration of Independence is worthless.

The BBC reports on goings on in Philadelphia’s Ben Franklin Hall, where American and British lawyers have been looking at the legality of the documents that cemented America.

On July 4, 1776, Thomas Jefferson and cohorts declared that they were going it alone.

But the debate says The Declaration of Independence is illegitimate and illegal. On one side of the spat is the Temple American Inn of Court. On the other is Gray’s Inn, London. It’s the Lawyer v Lawyer smack down. It’s the American superego versus the British self-depracating sneer of superiority.

Say the Americans:

“The English had used their own Declaration of Rights to depose James II and these acts were deemed completely lawful and justified.

Say the Brits:

“What if Texas decided today it wanted to secede from the Union? Lincoln made the case against secession and he was right.”

In the end, Jefferson won the vote. The US remains independent of Britain.

Phew, indeed. They keep the debt, Madonna, Britney Spears and fatty cheese. We get envy…

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