Anorak News | RIP Yueyue: Chinese Hit And Run Victim Dies

RIP Yueyue: Chinese Hit And Run Victim Dies

by | 21st, October 2011

WANG Yue, aka Yueyue, is dead. This Chinese child hit by a van and left to die has died fromĀ brain failure.

The editorial published inĀ ifeng sums up:

This little angel belongs in paradise not in a cold world, right now she will be happy and blessed. She came to this world, let us remember her name, Wang Yue. All the best.

If you want to see the video of a child being badly injured and her body being ignored by 18 human beings, it’s here.

It’s obviously distressing. It’s nothing new. This is not a story about how China has changed. This is about brutal humanity. The peculiar thing is that such a thing should happen in peacetime.

The vaults at the Imperial War Museum are a mine of human life and human misery. I once saw a film in the screening room there of Russian troops moving through Germany and Poland in the Second World War. They raped as they went. In one section, the cameraman captures a child standing alone. Later you see her alive. She is bleeding from beneath her clothes. She is still alone. To anyone sane, it is unbearable.

When images like these fail to shock, then it is too late…



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