Anorak News | Daily Mail Rips Apart Kate Middleton Over A Scar On Her Head

Daily Mail Rips Apart Kate Middleton Over A Scar On Her Head

by | 28th, October 2011

WHEN Kate Middleton, aka the Duchess of Cambridge, hosted a private dinner at Clarence House, London, in aid of the charity In Kind Direct – one of The Prince of Wales’s charities – the Daily Mail told readers she was wearing false hair.

The paper told readers she she was sporting “weft” hair extensions, before launching into a thorough debate on how one side of her head is covered in thicker hair than the other.

An expert told us:

“It looks like the hair extensions have been put in too close to the hairline, where the hair is finer and there is less coverage, therefore the strip is easier to see.”

Glamour magazine concurred, saying “you can see a strip right at her temple there that does look suspiciously like the ‘tape’ at the top of hair extensions“.

The Mail then used those badly deployed hair extensions to make fun of Prince William’s thinning locks.

Only, it’s not hair extensions. The Mail’s Rebecca English now reveals:

Underneath Kate’s stylish half-up, half-down hairstyle a prominent three-inch scar could be seen on the side of her left temple. A spokesman for the Duchess at St James’s Palace confirmed last night that it was the result of surgery as a young child. ‘The scar related to a childhood operation,’ they said. The palace declined to discuss what kind of operation because it was, they said, a private matter.  Senior royal sources also confirmed that it had been ‘a very serious operation’ but declined to comment further.

Having insulted Kate Middleton, defamed her hairdresser Richard Ward and made a cheap shot at William, the Mail might lave the story there, but English gets another expert to tell us:

John Scurr, consultant surgeon at the Lister Hospital in London, said it was unlikely to have been the result of a tumour. ‘I really doubt it was any serious medical condition and I would say it is as a result of an arteriovenous malformation – a birthmark – being removed, ‘ he said.

Maybe English can make this a regular feature, each week focusing on another part of Kate’s anatomy, tearing her apart at the seams until she falls to pieces…


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Clarence House handout photo of Duchess of Cambridge meets guests (names not given) as she attends a private dinner at Clarence House, London last night in aid of the charity In Kind Direct - one of The Prince of Wales's charities.

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