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How Nice Vincent Tabaks Never Murdered A Prostitute Named Butterfly: Jo Yeates Killer Shocker

by | 30th, October 2011

WE know that Vincent Tabak murdered Joanna Yeates. And now we can read the Sunday Mirror’s story that he once spent time with a prostitute named Princess Butterfly.

As we’ve already learnt, Tabak viewed porn and likes sex. The Daily Star and Sun are aghast. Hang the fact that the Star’s sister organ to Channel X whereon you can watch a film entitled Bitch In The Boot, and the Sun’s owners operate the country’s biggest pay-per-view porn empire, and just know that viewing skin flicks is a sign of a corrupt mind.

Today the Mirror adds to the story that Tabak might have hired a prostitute.

Graeme Culliford is in Los Angeles, The paper that in its haste to own Joanna Yeates renamed her Joanne in a front-page splash, has news:

Vincent Tabak slid his fingers around the call girl’s throat for a neck massage, she had no idea she was helping him live out his depraved fantasy.

He was trying to massage Joanne Yeates’ throat?

And she shudders with horror now to think she had placed her life in the evil hands of the ­perverted Bristol strangler.

Tabak murdered one women. He is now The Bristol Strangler. THe tablid wants more. One dead woman is not enough.

To the glamorously-titled Princess Butterfly, he seemed charming, if a little nervous, and quite different from most men she has to deal with in downtown Los Angeles.

Well, he was Dutch.

But on Friday, after Tabak was ­convicted of murdering Jo Yeates, she found out the appalling truth… he was a killer with a sick fascination for throttling women.

No. We do not know that he had a “sick fascination for throttling women”. All we know is that after he viewed porn where women are held by the throat. He might have viewed lots of other porn that did not feature neck holds. The judge said the porn was not relevant to the murder case. It remains irrelevant – unless you are the tabloid looking for sleaze:

Princess Butterfly, 23, is now haunted by the parallels between her bizarre sex session and Jo’s ­murder just 15 days later.

A neck massage is now bizarre? A neck massage is now akin to strangling a neighbour to death?

“It is terrifying to think the same hands that were round my throat strangled poor Jo,” she said.

We are told:

…The vice girl’s detailed account ­provides a disturbing insight into the mind of a man we now know liked to watch violent pornography showing women being choked during sex… Princess ­Butterfly said: “I did think it was kind of unusual when he started giving me a neck massage. But he seemed like such a nice guy, such a gentleman. He was friendly and charming and I didn’t have any bad feelings.”

He was nice bloke. He did not throttle her. Any more facts, Princess?

“If anything he seemed a little nervous – and I thought that giving me a massage would be a good way for him to loosen up. He started on my lower back and slowly worked his way up until he got to my shoulders. Then he put his hands around my neck and started giving me a neck massage. He was sitting behind me on the bed, so his fingers were around my throat and his thumbs were digging into the back of me.”

Go on. Go on… Don’t stop now:

“Then he just kept massaging and massaging me there for a long time,” she added. “His hands were very soft and he was not rough when he was doing it, so I didn’t feel scared. He did not hurt me. He said my skin was nice and I could tell he was getting ­excited. I felt happy and relaxed. He was rubbing my neck for about 10 minutes and the whole massage must have taken about 40 minutes. Knowing what I know now, I can see the danger I was in. But at the time I didn’t think anything of it.”

He was “very polite and friendly… He had the TV on but no pornography or anything. He was wearing nice clothes and his shoes were really fancy. He looked skinnier then than he is now and I thought he was good ­looking. He wasn’t wearing glasses.”

Butterfly – not her real name – adds:

“He was very smooth. I would even say that behind the nerves he was a bit of a ladies man. He told me that I was very beautiful and had a nice shape about me. He said I looked very perky. It was after talking for a while that he asked if he could give me a back massage.”

Tell us about the sex, Butterfly:

“We had regular sex, with me on top. There was nothing weird or freaky about it. He didn’t ask to do anything unusual. He was touching my breasts but didn’t touch my neck again. I didn’t notice what his body was like ­because my face was right next to his.”

What about his being “skinnier“?

The prostitute, who works the dangerous streets of a seedy district but can make £2,500 a week, said: “I could not believe it when I read he had killed that poor girl.”

So. The testimony of a woman whose real name we are not told and who works in a dangerous street is that Tabak paid her for sex and was clean and well behaved.

Send the man down.

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