Anorak News | X Factor Rebel Frankie Cocozza: Becca Hill, Katherine Holland, Lust, Sex And Chico

X Factor Rebel Frankie Cocozza: Becca Hill, Katherine Holland, Lust, Sex And Chico

by | 10th, November 2011

DAY 2 of X Factor’s excluded star Frankie Cocozza’s solo career. The Sun leads with news of Becca Hills, the “beauty” ready to tell all about her night of passion with an 18-year-old.

This is the “Blonde’s Night With Shamed Star

Yep. Star.

On Page 5, readers are told:

A BLONDE spoke yesterday of her night of lust with Frankie Cocozza that saw him lose his X Factor place.

Hair colour is always important in such stories. The tabloid pecking order of sexual conquest approval runs:

(Black girls are… “exotic”?)

Becca Hills, 19, told pals she spent all night romping with the singer following a party at an apartment last Saturday.

And her pals told the Sun? Becca was not alone with Frankie, arriving at a West London with Katherine Holland.

He was axed on Tuesday after production staff heard him boast his bedroom antics were fuelled by cocaine.

Says Becca:

“We were stunned he admitted taking cocaine. We didn’t come away thinking there were any drugs involved. It didn’t cross our minds. We’re anti-drugs. If he was doing it, he’s a fool.”

She then adds – and get this:

“Some stuff happened between us, it’s a bit embarrassing to talk about. I don’t plan to keep in contact with him. There’s no future between us.”

How embarrassing?

“I never wanted him to get in trouble. He seemed a lovely guy who likes a drink.”

Katherine, 19, chimes in:

“We didn’t see him do cocaine, but it’s not that we followed his every move. Drugs are for losers, we never touch them.”

And so it goes. Anorak told you that the drugs issue would be a fudge. Did he take drugs? Didn’t he take drugs? We are uncertain. All we know is that drugs are part of the making of a star named Frankie Cocozza, the teenager with the looks of a young Wagner, the voice and rhythm of Jedward. and the shaggability of Chico.

The Sun’s puff piece ends:

Yesterday record companies, club promoters and reality show chiefs were said to be bombarding Frankie with calls.

Calls like: “Do some drugs”, Frankie”; Shag More birds”; and “Dress up as a Nazi and fall into the road outside Boujis, Frankie”…

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