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Penn State Students Support Child Rape: The Cult Of Paterno

by | 10th, November 2011

TO Penn State, where winning sports coach Joe Paterno, 84, has been sacked for his alleged part in a sex scandal. It is alleged that Paterno did not prevent a ten-year-old boy from being raped by his colleague, Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky, 67. In all, Sandusky is alleged to have molested eight boys from the mid-1990s until the late-2000s. Sandusky also ran The Second Mile, “a children’s charity he founded in 1977 that reaches 200,000 kids in this state each year through programs and camps“.

In 2003, after allegations were made, Leslie Wilson, assistant director for programs at Second Mile said:

“I am just overwhelmed at how hands-on Jerry is, and I think he is more involved now than I think he ever was… He has his hands in every event and you can see his real passion for what he believes in, he takes everyone in as family…. I can go on all day about how I feel about Jerry as a person because he is so great for the kids. It’s like he was put on this earth to work with kids. I don’t know if I have ever met another man that was as caring and as compassionate with children as he is.”

Mr Paterno is not implicated in the child abuse allegations. His alleged crime is to have failed to notify the authorities. He says:

“This is a tragedy. It is one of the great sorrows of my life. With the benefit of hindsight, I wish I had done more.”

It is alleged that the school was wilfully ignorant of the alleged crimes. As such, University President Graham Spanier has also been dismissed.

If you think a child is being raped, call the police. Let them investigate. Remaining silent is wrong.

Paterno coached at Penn State for 46 year. He was wildly popular.

Both Pennsylvania’s senators – Republican Sen. Pat Toomey and Democratic Sen. Bob Casey  – wanted Paterno to be rewarded by the White House. They have now rescinded that nomination for the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Will the Penn State students now march with torches to their homes? The Cult of Paterno will let their man get away with anything so long as the team wins.

Demonstrators tore down two lamp posts, one falling into a crowd. They also threw rocks and fireworks at the police, who responded with pepper spray. The crowd undulated like an accordion, with the students crowding the police and the officers pushing them back. “We got rowdy, and we got maced,” Jeff Heim, 19, said rubbing his red, teary eyes. “But make no mistake, the board started this riot by firing our coach. They tarnished a legend.”

If you suspect a child is bring raped and you do nothing, what are you…? One thing you are not is innocent.

Former Rep. Joe Sestak (D-Pa.) – whom Toomey defeated in their 2010 Senate race – tweeted Thursday: “”Before you throw somebody away, due process should be done – at least an investigation. Both have failed to do that.”

Yep, when an accusation is made, you hold an investigation.

Penn State fired legendary coach Joe Paterno and president Graham Spanier on Wednesday for their failure to follow up on a 2002 report from a subordinate that former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky had molested a 10-year-old boy in a shower in Penn State’s football building.

Get this:

“The board of trustees got it wrong,” said Ben Andreozzi. “They should have consulted the victims before making a decision on Mr. Paterno. They should have considered these victims watch TV and are aware of the students’ reaction and may not want to be associated with the downfall of Mr. Paterno.”

The idiotic Ashton Kutcher opined:

“How do you fire Jo Pa? #insult #noclass as a hawkeye fan I find it in poor taste.”

You football fans want details?

In March 2002, a graduate assistant stumbled upon Sandusky and a boy showering together at Penn State’s football facility. The grand jury report included the horrifying details of what that graduate assistant saw and heard:

As the graduate assistant entered the locker room doors, he was surprised to find the lights and the showers on. He then heard rhythmic, slapping sounds. He believed the sounds to be those of sexual activity. As the graduate assistant put his sneakers in his locker, he looked in the shower. He saw a naked boy … whose age he estimated to be ten years old, with his hands up against the wall, being subjected to anal intercourse by a naked Sandusky. The graduate assistant was shocked but noticed that both [the victim] and Sandusky saw him. The graduate assistant left immediately, distraught.

Hey, but so long as they game get won…


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