Anorak News | How Frankie Cocozza Was Fixed Up With Stringfellow’s Worker And Dogging Fan Becca Hills And Katherine Holland

How Frankie Cocozza Was Fixed Up With Stringfellow’s Worker And Dogging Fan Becca Hills And Katherine Holland

by | 12th, November 2011

X FACTOR renegade Frankie Cocozza, the cocky, untalented Brighton teenager with a head like a windswept camel’s hump, remains on the Sun’s front page. The latest news is that Frankie Prankie wanted a treesome with “students Becca Hills and Katherine Holland“.

These would be “student” Becca Hills, of Ashford, Kent, who works at the Stringfellows Nightclub. On Facebook, she described her job as:

“Polishing helmets with Katherine Holland”

Her philosophy is: “Sex, Sex Sex”

And her “favourite sports” are: “Dogging”

This is also the same “student” who told the Sun:

“Some stuff happened between us, it’s a bit embarrassing to talk about.”

Today, Becca puts her shame behind her, poses for photos in a short red dress and reveals how Frankie tried to seduce her with the words:

“Come on, girls, let’s have a threesome.”

“He said ‘I bet you’re a dirty little bitch’. It wasn’t nasty, it was cheeky. But he didn’t give me any compliments. He was very arrogant — but he doesn’t pretend to be polite. I was wearing tights which look like suspenders and Frankie obviously liked the look of them. Then he just ripped one of my tights. I couldn’t believe it. He said sorry — then just ripped the other one and said, ‘At least they’re matching now’.”

Go on:

“We were kissing and he said, ‘I can’t wait to be alone.’ So I said, ‘How long do we have to wait for this?’ And he said, ‘OK, let’s go now.’ He was standing behind me, pushing me towards the bedroom. It was a small room with just a bed and a wardrobe.”

(Is Frankie the new Charlie Sheen?)

“He took his clothes off down to his Calvin Klein boxers and jumped in bed and said, ‘Come on then’.”

(Will Becca reveal the brand name of the bed, linen and mattress? Contact her agent. There is much to discuss.)

“His pants were tiny and barely fitted him, his bum was hanging out. We did a lot of foreplay and kissed a lot on the bed. He wasn’t a selfish lover. He wasn’t grabbing my hair or anything. But he wasn’t sensitive. He’s not very loving. We did all the positions. He was adventurous. He was skinny and bendy and flexible. I felt like it went on for a long time and he had a lot of stamina.”
We are told that “Frankie’s mates kept coming in. It was quite embarrassing. I said to him, ‘Isn’t this bothering you?’ He said, ‘No’.”

Is the age of chivalry dead?

“At one point his mate came in and gave him a condom. I was impressed he used condoms. I thought I’d have to tell him to.”

No. What a gent.

But the best bit about this story is this:

A friend had arranged for them to meet him — and gave Frankie pictures so he could “judge their suitability.” Becca, a student, said: “I’ve always been a fan so I was really excited. When he saw us he came straight over.”

Do you see. The students on a night out in Mayfair are actually not there by accident. They’ve been invited along. By whom? Why? Is it all part of the plot to make Frankie a star. For a man who says he shagged 74 women, odd that the Sun only features the words of one who says how terrific he was in bed. Do any come back for more?  Odd that one of them should, as it appears, work in a lap-dancing club.

Katherine then chimes in and says that she didn’t shag Frankie but did sit on a bed with him.

“I think he liked the idea of having two girls in the same bed.”

Becca then says of the farewell scene:

“Frankie barely said goodbye. He just waved. He didn’t give me a kiss or anything. We didn’t exchange numbers, we just walked away. Part of me was sad but he doesn’t want to get involved with a girl like me. It will ruin his image. I’m sad I’m never going to see him. I had a great night, I still think he’s amazing and I would love to do it again.”

Or as she told us previously:

“I don’t plan to keep in contact with him. There’s no future between us.”


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