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Charlie Bite My Finger, Please: How Cute Kids Make A Mint On YouTube

by | 13th, November 2011

WANT to turn your kids into star without the bother of stage school photos, agents and talent? Well, YouTube Will pay you big money for video of your children giggling, crying, or giggling and crying. You either contact them to become a partner, or else they spot your video going viral and call you. Typically, 1,000 views earns the video owner 60p.

Says Kevin Allocca, manager of YouTube trends:

“A tiny percentage of the videos that are uploaded to the site get up to the four or five million views. What they all have in common is the speed at which they are shared.”

This Is How:

Charlie Bit My Finger:

Howard Davies-Carr, 42, has four sons, a wife called Shelley and a home in the Thames Valley. Thanks to this 2007 video he also has around £100,000 in advertising revenues. In the tape, you can see Charlie Davies-Carr, 1, bit big brother Harry’s, 3, finger and laugh. It has been watched hundreds of millions of times.

Says dad:

“Ever since the boys were born, I’ve had the camera out, but ‘Charlie bit my finger — again!’ that was pretty much the first video I’d posted online. It was just a small captured moment I wanted to share with their godfather in Colorado.”

blog where he features updates and sells merchandise.

Jacob, get off the Xbox:

Jamie Hagan, 18, who lives near Manchester,  has been filming his brother Jacob, 11. He has earned around £40,000.

Says he:

“At first, my parents weren’t sure about it, but they let it go on because Jacob likes doing it. I give him some of the money or a video game when he wants it — he loves it.”

Lily’s Disney Surprise:

Katie Clem filmed her six-year-old daughter, Lily’s reaction to the news that she’s off to Disney. Now Disney wants to use the footage is ads. Says Clem:

“I went to bed one night and woke up and our lives were completely different.”

Talking Twin Babies:

Randy McEntee’s 17-month-old twin sons, Sam and Ren chat.

David After Dentist:

David DeVore’s son, David Junior, 7, has been to the dentist in 2008. He’s had an anaesthetic, As he comes round, he asks: “Is this real life?” before telling his father he has four eyes. DeVore has made a mint – more than £100,000 in the first year alone.

Single Ladies Devastation:

Kids – if you’re lucky they’ll start earning young…

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