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John Terry Race Row: Daily Mirror Prejudices Investigation Against Chelsea Captain

by | 18th, November 2011

JOHN TERY Race Row: The investigation into the Chelsea captain’s language towards QPR’s Anton Ferdinand has not been concluded. Terry says he used the words “f**king black c***” but without racial intent. We’ve seen no new evidence. We’ve only seen one out of context clip of Terry talking. It would be unwise to prejudice the case – unless you’re the Daily Mirror and decide to lead with:

“Police want Terry charged”

So. Why has Terry not been charged, then? And what is the “new twist” the Mirror announces?

Well, the new twist does not exist. David Collins reports:

POLICE say there is enough proof to charge England captain John Terry over his alleged racist rant.

What police? Surely all this does is besmirch Terry’s name and pre-empt the results of the investigation. It is utterly wrong.

They have quizzed six senior Chelsea players about his ugly on-pitch clash with Anton Ferdinand and are sending a file to crown prosecutors to make a final decision. A source claimed yesterday: “There is a feeling among some officers that John Terry has a case to answer.”

Some officers have a feeling? A man’s career depends on a feeling?

Up to 10 Met officers have examined video footage of the game.

Maybe the Mirror’s idiotic source at the Met can tell us how many of the 10 officers think Terry is guilty and how many think he is innocent? Who needs facts and evidence when you have the opinions of the “institutionally racist” Met? You can see the morning meeting:

Sarge: Hands up who thinks the black youth is guilty?

Coppers: All raise hands.

Sarge: Remember the Stephen Lawrence case…

Coppers: Hands down. (Until Lawrence case ends and hands can go up again).

Collins then ends his hideous piece of prejudicial reporting with this line:

Prosecutors will now have to consider if they have enough evidence to take the case to court and whether it would be in the public interest.

Well, yes, Dan. That’s the way with the law – you need evidence to secure a conviction. In the media only need only a nudge and a wink…

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