Anorak News | Silvio Berlusconi Forgets About Crippling Italy To Focus On New LP (no, honest)

Silvio Berlusconi Forgets About Crippling Italy To Focus On New LP (no, honest)

by | 23rd, November 2011

ITALY is on its knees at the moment after the terrible administration of Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. Sure, he may have stepped down, but that doesn’t mean he’s going away. Of course he isn’t. That man couldn’t stay away from the limelight if he was a black hole.

So, in an attempt to forget about allegations of corruption and having sex with underage prostitutes (allegedly, okay watching lawyers?), he’s focusing on ‘True Love‘, which is the name of his new album.

Silvio released the LP yesterday and it’s his fourth with guitarist and former parking attendant Mariano Apicella. He was going to get it on the shelves (and ready for the 9p bin) in September but was a little delayed by Italy sliding into the sea with the weight of its own debt.

You may not know this (as you’ve had a myriad of other things to focus on) but Berlusconi used to sing on cruise ships, and of course, has sung for fellow world leaders at his villa in Sardinia where the notorious ‘bunga-bunga’ parties took place.

One of the musicians on the album, Angelo Valsiglio, says of the new release, that the record is “really elegant and refined production with Brazilian hints”.

Hopefully, there’s a version of ‘All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth’ in tribute to when he got smacked in the mouth by a thrown ornament in his face.

Listen to Silvio sing!

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