Anorak News | Man Jailed For Firing Pressurised Air Hose Up Friend’s Anus

Man Jailed For Firing Pressurised Air Hose Up Friend’s Anus

by | 26th, November 2011

TO Cyprus, where a carpenter’s assistant has been explaining to a court in Nicosia why he shot pressurised air up his friend’s rectum. The inflation ruptured the victim’s large intestine. Surgery was required.

The Cyprus Mail reports that the assailant was “seeking a pleasant change that would break the monotony of hard work”.

In jailing the 31-year-old for 45 days, the judge stated:

“The defendant’s idea to administer pressurised air into his friend’s anus is indeed original and in reality the thought of it provokes laughter; but putting the idea into practice ended up in tragedy for the victim and the perpetrator…the tragic consequences for the victim were not worth the defendant’s few moments of fun. The particular action is not a usual phenomenon, but the frivolity of people acting at the expense of other people without considering the unexpected consequences of the joke is a phenomenon of concern to our society.”

Freddie Starr is away…

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