Anorak News | Egyptian Presidential Candidate Tawfiq Okasha: Only 60% Of Jews Are Evil

Egyptian Presidential Candidate Tawfiq Okasha: Only 60% Of Jews Are Evil

by | 29th, November 2011

GOOD news is that according to Egyptian Presidential candidate Tawfiq Okasha, last seen riding a tram in Croydon, only 60% of the Jews Are Evil. The other 40% are merely demonic… Says he:

Following are excerpts from a statement by Egyptian presidential candidate Tawfiq Okasha, the owner of Al-Faraeen, which aired on Al-Faraeen TV on October 31, 2011:

The Jews, who devised the philosophy of the American economic system, placed a pyramid and an eye on the back of the dollar bill – symbols of global Freemasonry – thus turning the dollar into a commodity. This is a commodity that encompasses the world, and monitors the state of the world.

The US has adopted an economic policy which was established and is run by Jewish economy experts, in order to subordinate this policy to the philosophy of global Freemasonry, on the basis of the notion that the economy, of the dollar, or the dinar – or food, to be precise – are what enables them to maintain their grip upon the nations.


Not all the Jews in the world are evil. You may ask: Tawfiq, what is the ratio? The ratio is 60-40. Sixty percent are evil to varying degrees, all the way to a level that words cannot describe, while 40% are not evil. They, however, are divided into three categories: One group consists of the non-evil, another group consists of the non-evil to a lesser degree, and the third group consists of the non-evil to an even lesser degree.

Might there be anyone who stands out among them? It’s very rare. Maybe one in a million. But what does this classification mean? It means that you can coexist normally with approximately 40% of the Jews – they do not betray, conspire, extort, or view others as Gentiles. They believe in the concept of Gentiles, but this belief does not affect their conduct.

What I am saying is no lie. Sarkozy is one of those Jews who adhere to the Zionist ideology, which is one of the worst ideologies… I said one of the worst, but there are worse still. This is one of the worst political ideologies, which stems from a religious belief of the Jews.

How evil are you if you’re a quarter Jewish on your mother sides and your Coptic Christin uncle once ran over a dog?

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