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Jeremy Clarkson And Eamonn Holmes’ Sense Of Humour Bypass

by | 6th, December 2011

EAMONN Holmes, Sky News presenter and part-time This Morning host on ITV, says of the Jeremy Clarkson advertorial that all public sector strikers should be shot:

“We’re not al easily offended these days. But some people are very easily offended these days. Some people know their rights theses days.”

Holmes says anyone who can’t laugh has had a “sense of humour bypass“.

This would be the same Eamonn Holmes who sent, via his lawyers, a letter of complaint to the BBC after a series of sketches about him on Jon Culshaw’s The Impressions Show.

Using the catchphrase “I was fierce hungry, so I was”, Belfast-born Holmes was depicted by Culshaw eating a sofa, a jockey, and a vase of flowers…

And what did the BBC do? Why, they apologised and banned the joke.

As Marina Hyde pointed out:

Of course, we know Eamonn is sensitive about his weight, because he recently informed the public of that fact during an interview. (Not the two-part wedding special he flogged to Hello! magazine for a hefty sum; another one.) “It’s because I’m a man,” he explained. “Women have it much easier . . . No one would ever say, ‘Oh you’re fair piling on the beef there’ or ‘That’s some ass you’ve got on you.'” Mmm. It’s too much to hope that Eamonn was striking a blow for irony in choosing to make these very comments to the Daily Mail, who scarcely observe anything else of the women they parade through their pages, only occasionally leavening the mix by observing that some female is now “too thin”.

Some people these days, eh…

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