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Kerry Katona Sees Her Stalker In The Mirror

by | 11th, December 2011

KERRY Katona may be one of the hottest and trashiest Z listers in Britain but according to my old friend Dean Piper over at the Sunday Mirror today Kerry’s now got her very own stalker.

Yes, according to Dean Kerry is being stalked by an American crazy woman who called up Max Clifford recently to say she’d just been watching Kerry touching her naughty bits and getting naked in her bedroom. I know the curtain jokes write themselves here but they’re not funny because most crazy people aren’t discriminating.

All stalkers are crazy people. They google you, they stake out your house, your job and then go through your bins (Leveson Inquiry pls note) which means for anyone who’s been stalked to know that their stalker loves them is scant compensation for all the fear they brought.

Here’s what Kerry told Dean:

“I was getting dressed and there was a phone call to Max’s company ( Max Clifford) from this lady saying she’d been watching me getting changed. The thing was I had been naked and putting my clothes on minutes before.

“This is the first time I’ve felt genuinely scared about a stalker. I won’t let this beat me though. I’m finally getting my life on track and nothing is going to stand in my way.”

We know that Kerry doesn’t normally get naked unless in the presence of a professional photographer, but this must have scared the poor love half to death. I think Kerry should send this loony-tune a bag of dirty pampers, a baby tooth and blood stained wig…… Taxi for stalker !


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