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Tommaso The Second Richest Cat In The World Lives 37 Lives On €10m Fortune

by | 11th, December 2011

TOMMASO is the world’s second richest Tom cat, second only to Prince Harry in the litter tray stakes.

It was Tommaso’s cunning plan to be adopted off the streets of Rome by childless widow Maria Assunta, an ancient woman who has just died aged 94. Scratched into her will by a long nail dipped in what looks and smells like cabbage water is details for her €10 million fortune to go to Tommaso.

Tomasso no longer has a cat flap in the door – he has a porter dressed a Jerry Mouse to open the thing and then shut it on his own fingers. Tommaso loves slapstick.

On 26 November, 2009, Maria set her legal eagles the task of finding “the animal welfare body or association to which to leave the inheritance and the task of looking after the cat Tommaso“. Animals cannot inherit under Italian law so a trustee was required. After considering Sarah Ferguson, Silvio Berlusconi, Tony Blair, Saif Gaddafi and the people who handle ITV’s premium rate phone lines, the lawyers still had no custodian they trusted. But, as luck would have it, Maria met fellow pussy fancier Stefania in a park.

Says she:

“Sometimes I’d go to her house so my cat could play with Tommaso.”

Stefania then nursed her friend. She adds:

“She needed someone to help her move around, shower and eat. I looked after until the end.”

And so it came to pass that when Maria passed over, Tommaso went to live with Stefania in an undisclosed location. It is not known how old Stefania is, nor what will happen should she pop her clogs but chances are that Tommaso will live a good nine lives – possibly 10, 11 or 37 lives – or until such a time when his fortune runs dry…


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