Anorak News | Baby Seal Breaks Into Home And Watches TV On Sofa: Photos

Baby Seal Breaks Into Home And Watches TV On Sofa: Photos

by | 14th, December 2011

A CUTE as hell baby seal has flopped though Annette Swoffer’s front-door cat flap and cuddled up on the sofa at her Bay of Plenty home in New Zealand.

As she says:

“I was in my office and I heard an awful racket down below… I thought the cats have brought a rabbit or something in so I went down and had a look – and there’s a seal in my kitchen. I thought ‘I’m hallucinating, this is just wrong’. I’m looking and I’m definitely seeing flippers and not paws.”

She adds:

“Then it looks at me with those huge brown eyes. It was so cute, but I didn’t touch it because you don’t with wild animals. They were giggling away and I’m saying ‘I’m not drunk, I’m not lying’, there’s a seal in my house.”

Chris Clark, biodiversity programme manager for the Department of Conservation, arrives to take the pup away.

He flips the couch potato into a net and a  box – but iot escapes, ending up on the front seat and – get this – turns on the radio.

What was he listening to? Club music. Go on, get it out of your system…

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