Anorak News | Facebook secret content rules – the full Abuse Standards Violations document

Facebook secret content rules – the full Abuse Standards Violations document

by | 21st, February 2012

AMINE Derkauoui has shown the world the secret Facebook rules governing what content the site’s owners let the site’s 800million plus customers see. Content can be “flagged” by users as inappropriate. Staff at outsourced companies – paid as little as $1 an hour – then investigate. Derkauoui, a Moroccan employee, has leaked the Abuse Standards Violations (ASV) document. Facebook does not like sex. It bans breastfeeding photos. But hurting is ok:

“Deep flesh wounds are ok to show; excessive blood is ok to show. Crushed heads, limbs, etc, are ok as long as no insides are showing.”

Same-sex kissing is allowed. But “so long as no part of the [female] nipple is showing”. “Snot” is ok. Ear wax is banned.

Only, Richard Metzger had the above picture from Eastenders removed by Facebook. Althought Facebook issued a statement: “The photo in question does not violate our Statement of Rights and Responsibilities and was removed in error. We apologize for the inconvenience.”


“Any depiction of marijuana alone (any amount) or implements used for smoking marijuana are ok.”

And: “…humour overrules hate speech unless slur words are present or the humour is not evident.

Says Mr Derkaoui to

“It’s humiliating; they are just exploiting the third world.” 

Facebook say:

“In an effort to quickly and efficiently process the millions of reports we receive every day, we have found it helpful to contract third parties to provide precursory classification of a small proportion of reported content. These contractors are subject to rigorous quality controls and we have implemented several layers of safeguards to protect the data of those using our service. Additionally, no user information beyond the content in question and the source of the report is shared.We have, and will continue, to escalate the most serious reports internally, and all decisions made by contractors are subject to extensive audits.”

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