Anorak News | Adele presents the Top 10 Showbiz Fingers Ever

Adele presents the Top 10 Showbiz Fingers Ever

by | 23rd, February 2012

ADELE’S Top Ten Showbiz Fingers. Following new on THAT finger Adele waved at the Brit awards, we’ve trawled the archives for more showbiz fingers:

10. Katie Price

In 2002, Katie Price was treated for cancer on her finger. Some said it was the residing place for her talent and when it was cut out her dreams of being a Hollywood great died.

9. Liz Taylor

Multi-married Taylor was really into her fingers. Liz was married eight times, meaning that all her fingers got a ring each. Much debate raged over whether thumbs counted as fingers. Liz said ‘no’, and her marriages to Michael Jackson and JFK were called off.

8. Matthew Corbett / Harry Corbett

Give a man a finger and he will work for a day. Stick a puppet on that finger and a legend is born. The Corbett family have been inserting their family finger into Sooty for deacades, creating warmth and laughter wherever they go.

7. Paul Ross and Dr Chris Steel

This Morning stars Steel and Ross starred in a live rectal examination. Steel provided the finger and Ross the hole. Their act has been described as “Sooty for the YouTube generation”.

6. Alan Sugar

Lord Sugar, formerly Sir Alan, has made the pointy finger his own. First showcased on TV’s The Apprentice. The ‘You’re Fired’ Finger has been immortalised in bronze, an aftershave for him, soap, the Amstrad e-Sex toy and emailer, electric nose pickers and more. In 208, Microsoft were forced to deny that their cursor pointer was based on Lord Sugar’s finger.

5. Galileo

The finger – the middle digit from Galileo’s right hand – is mounted on a marble base and encased in a crystal jar. It’s on display at Florence’s Museum of the History of Science. The finger was removed when the astronomer’s body when it was exhumed from his unconsecrated grave and transferred to a mausoleum in a Florentine church in 1737. It is believed to bring good luck to anyone who wears it. Although not Galileo, obviously.

4. ET

ET was the man from space who could phone home. Odd, indeed, that though aliens could travel millions of miles in flying ships and move objects with their minds they had not yet to master predictive dialling.

On the night of those infamous murders, OJ cuts the knuckle of his left middle finger. Investigators determine the murderer is cut on the same side based on the blood drops found immediately to the left of the killer’s shoe print. Asked by police how he cut his finger, OJ first said: “I don’t know”. He then said he cut it in Chicago and immediately afterward said he reopened the cut in Chicago, admitting that he cut himself in L.A When police arrested Simpson he had three other cuts besides the deep wound on his finger and seven abrasions.

3. The International Foundation for People Without Middle Fingers (IFPWMF)

The IFPWMF was founded to counsel those who have lost the use of their middle fingers to accident or disease. They estimate that there are approximately a half million Americans who lack a centralized digit on one or both of their hands, and even more who simply can not use it. This is a tragedy that mostly goes unnoticed. Patrons included: Sooty, Sweep, the Duk of Edinburgh, Luis Suarez and Fingermouse. (source)

2. MIA

British rapper MIA interrupted the men in leggings to raise her finger to 114 million American football fans during the Super Bowl half-time show. Madonna – career highs: book of sex and singing about being a vIrgin – offered: “I understand it’s punk rock and everything, but to me there was such a feeling of love and good energy, and positivity. It seemed negative.

1. The Movies

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