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David Cameron fiddles with your ice-creams

by | 21st, March 2012

DAVID Cameron has it licked:

We need to tackle regulation with vigour both to free businesses to compete and create jobs, and give people greater freedom and personal responsibility. Of course we need proper standards, for example in areas like fire safety and food safety. So where regulation is well-designed and proportionate, it should stay. But it is hard to believe that we need government regulations on issues such as ice cream van musical jingles, or the display of bed prices. We know we have inherited far too much costly, pointless, and illiberal government red tape.

That’s why, since coming to office, the Government has pursued an ambitious deregulation agenda. – August 11, 2011

So. On March 8, 2012,the Government introduced a “Consultation on the Code of Practice on Noise  from Ice-Cream Van Chimes Etc. 1982”:

They will scrap it, right, to reduce red tape?

This consultation seeks views on the future of the Code of Practice on Noise from Ice-Cream Van Chimes Etc. 1982. The Code gives guidance on methods of minimising annoyance caused by the operation of loudspeakers fixed to ice-cream vans and similar vehicles used to sell perishable goods to the public. This includes the volume, playing time, frequency, and use of chimes in sensitive areas. Views are sought on whether to alter the restrictions recommended in the Code, whether to revoke the Code, or to leave it unchanged.

Option 2 Keep the Code but make it less restrictive (i.e. make changes to the
suggested rules for sounding chimes) This is the preferred option

Ideas for discussion on how to cut red tape:

Do not sound chimes
1. For longer than 4 seconds at a time;
A. The proposal is to change this to ‘For longer than 12 seconds at a time’.

This might explain why David CAmeron always looks like he’s melting…

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