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Kerry Katona’s manifesto for pies

by | 4th, April 2012

KERRY Katona will “run for Parliament and bring back cheap booze and pasties”.

Katona can do the lot – pasties, kebabs, baps, butteries and loafs. Katona is laying out her manifesto in OK!. Before that some pressing news:

“Newsflash! I’m back in the studio recording and it’s just like riding a bike…It’s a gorgeous song and you can imagine hearing it on the beach in Ibiza or Marbella, dead laid-back!”

Or while riding an actual bike in Wigan or Widnes.

Kerry then tells the voters:

“Us skint people are working our arses off…”

Marbella holidays may not chime well with the down-at-heel electorate “trying to make ends meet”. But Kerry may have her mince pies on the bigger prize. If Greggs is looking for the face of sausage and bean melts, Kerry’s yer gal…


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