Anorak News | Pippa Middleton pops a cap in da ass of gun culture

Pippa Middleton pops a cap in da ass of gun culture

by | 17th, April 2012

AND so it came to pass that Pippa Middleton did change the course of popular culture. No longer is waving a gun – imaginary or with hooked fingers – the stuff of the urban warrior. It’s now the kind of thing entitled braying ninnies do on their way to a fancy dress party in gay Paris.

As soon as news of Pippa and her chums’ gun larks reached LA, local gang members put down their weapons and looked for other past-times. Says one local gang leader:

“Now dat motha-fuckka Pippa has popped a cpa in da ass of our look we be needin’ some new ideas.”

Ideas on the table at The Bloods and The Crips powwow included:

Trad Jazz
Egg and spoon

The Metropolitan Police have already prepared a billboard that will be pasted in inner-city areas. The poster shows Pippa and her tooled-up pals and the legend: “That’s you that is. Guns make you look like a sad twat who can’t even dance.”

The Prime Minister is expected to thank Pippa personally for killing off gun culture at a pheasant shoot this August…


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Pippa Middleton joins the procession to Buckingham Palace after the wedding ceremony between Prince William and his new bride Kate.

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