Anorak News | The Chinese eat powdered baby flesh – and other Matzah Balls

The Chinese eat powdered baby flesh – and other Matzah Balls

by | 9th, May 2012

DID you about those godless Chinese grinding up the bones and flesh of dead babies and turning the desiccated human cement into mouth-sized capsules to be taken after meals? South Korean customs officials say they impounded thousands of capsules filled with the powdered meat of human babies. The drugs were said to be produced in northeastern China (yeah, not far from the border with South Korea’s dread enemy North Korea).

The South Koreans say that the 17,450 capsules were being used as stamina boosters and cures for a range of diseases. But, oddly, no-one has been arrested for what sound like a heinous product. And the customs officials who found the horrible stuff want to remain anonymous.

Still, the world’s press can say that the capsules “were made in northeastern China from babies whose bodies were chopped into small pieces and dried on stoves before being turned into powder”. The story has fanned around the world. One customs offical speaks; the media reacts; and the people feel sick at the cannibalism.

It’s all bit like the Jews. You know that story of the literally bloodthirsty Jews stealing Christian children and using their blood to make food, especially Matzah for Passover. Anyone who has read the ingredients on a packet to Matzah crackers can see they are made of wheat, water and salt. But the lie was used a pretence to persecute Jews. So. Get a load of those Chinese and tehri vials of baby condiment. Sickos!

Meanwhile, back in the enlightened West, where we love our kids, you can get a sperm facial (no, not a joke – an actual facial in a beauty salon), placenta juice and an all-over p[r]ick me that contains baby foreskins. And it’s not all made in China…

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