Anorak News | Pakistani rapists and white moralists agree – white working class girls are asking for it

Pakistani rapists and white moralists agree – white working class girls are asking for it

by | 11th, May 2012

LAST night on Question Time, the BBC’s flagship chat show for the political elite and showbiz smilers who do issues, the matter of how nine men who conspired “to engage children under 16 in sexual activity” in and around Rochdale Lancashire came up. What followed was mealy-mouthed wince-fest, in which the matter of race was not debated but invited to be part of the bigger debate. Join the debate is the clarion call of the directionless politician and self-censoring hack.

Peter Oborne, a big voice in the Tory commentariat, said that the underage girls raped by paedophiles were not only victims of weak men who like to have sex with vulnerable children, but, moreover, were symbols of a fallen society:

“What does it tell us about what’s happened to our society that we have 12 year old girls, 13 year old girls, who are happy to give up their affection and their beauty to men in exchange for a packet of crisps?”

Happy? Are they happy because they were “groomed” and knew their attacker. In the language of the media, care industries and police, the girls were not raped by opportunists, but groomed, as in selected and cared for. Men groom a pony or a dog at Crufts. Pathetic, inadequate men do not groom children – they rape them. Grooming makes it sound seductively sinister and otherworldly, as if the men are in it for the long haul, plotting their next move in those rings -always the rings – and debating tactics when all they are doing is hanging about a kebab shop and trying to have sex as quickly as possible.

That hideousness was then tipped into a cocked hat by the vicar in the audience, who told us that it all had nothing to do with religion – thus spake the vicar – and more to do with society and young girls gong about dressed in a certain fashion. They “go out dressed as if they are looking for that sort of issue to take place”.

That’s right. It’s not race issue. The elite can stop crapping themselves about the white working class, a group their self-aggrandising betters view as being so stupid that they will see a bunch of Asian rapists and view every Asian as a potential sex beast and, fed on a diet of BNP bullshit, launch a race riot. (Never mind that the white working class live cheek by jowl with the ethnic minorities and – get this – have brains and can think for themselves.) It’s not about race. It’s all about class. Those Pakistani men who think white working girls are their inferiors are begging for it hold views the white middle and upper classes agree with…

Video: the action starts after 10 minutes (if anyone’s got part 2, let us know):

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