Anorak News | Carlisle child rapist Azad Miah learned it was ok to abuse ‘white trash’ from the British elite

Carlisle child rapist Azad Miah learned it was ok to abuse ‘white trash’ from the British elite

by | 15th, May 2012

AZAD Miah raped children and enabled others to do the same. Miah has been found guilty of abusing five girls. The 44-year-old, used one of his four fast-food shops in Carlisle, Cumbria, as a brothel, using drugs, booze and cash to pay for vulnerable children to have sex with men.

At Carlisle Crown Court, Miah – who came to the UK from his native Bangldaesh at age 14 – spoke of the “white trash” he targeted. In his mind, the girls he abused deserved it. His own children would not be “out after 11pm in the town centre; they would not be in the city centre, drinking”.

Miah is a spokesman for Carlisle’s Muslims. He once lived in Rochdale, where nine Muslim men have been jailed for abusing children.

As in Rochdale, the police ignored the children’s appeals for help. One girl was just 12 when Miah bombarded with calls to work for him as a prostitute. Aged 15, she told police:

“Because of something that happened three years ago and now you’ve finally decided to do something about it….We complained loads of times, but they never did anything. We showed them all the texts on my phone as well. I was only 12 at the time. The police never did anything about it so I just stopped complaining in the end.”

Miah says the girls were white trash. It’s an ugly phrase, rubbishing an entire group of people. That’s the kind of thing the BNP, EDL or al Qaeda do. But Miah’s not alone in using the phrase. The words ‘white trash’ are commonplace, and offered up without censure.

Sarah Palin ,who might have been vice president of the USA, was branded white trash.

Jermaine Jackson was not upbraided on Celebrity Big Brother for labelling Jade Goody “white trash”, although the singer claims Dirk Benedict made the comment. But neither made new headlines nor the main BBC new bulletins as Goody’s comments did. While the media focused on the persecution of Shilpa Shetty, a comment that wrote off an entire group of people as rubbish was ignored.  The middle class’s racial sensibilities disappear when it comes to poor white folk. As Michael Collins wrote:

The white working class now is the last group it is possible to demonise without breaking the rules of modern racial etiquette.

As one Guardian writer opined:

Rooney is a chav, that section of the working class that in America is unkindly referred to as “white trash”.

The Daily Mail told readers:

Nice day for a ‘white trash’ wedding: Pregnant Heidi Klum and Seal don tacky fancy dress to renew vows – Their theme seemed to be ‘white trash’  – something that pregnant bride Heidi certainly lived up to with her braided hair, low cut jumpsuit and bejewelled accessories.

A letter in the Mail was headlined:

This weeks dilemma: My son’s chav girlfriend

When in 2008 Jerry Sewell killed Jed Sheridan, he said, “don’t worry – it’s just another chav”.

We are invited to look at Miah and the Rochdale peados as foreigners peddling a perverse culture out midst. But they’re not that different. From the white vicar who says the underage girls are asking for it to the liberal commentator who brands the poor as “trash”,  these criminals have shone a light on our own prejudices, ones the police, those officers of the State’s rights and wrong, are all too happy to uphold…

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