Anorak News | Diamond Jubilee concert in photos (Gary Barlow bowel cam)

Diamond Jubilee concert in photos (Gary Barlow bowel cam)

by | 4th, June 2012

FOR those American readers who think the Diamond Jubilee is a QVC segment on selly telly, and the Jubilee River Pageant a Disney on Melted Ice, news: that stuff is real. The UK is a giant theme park, overseen by the Queen of Diamonds*, who devours sons-and-daughters-in law faster than Sarah Ferguson at an all-you-can-eat trotter jamboree, and Gary Barlow, a singer with Take That who, having pulled himself up by the boot laces now actually lives insider Her Majesty’s bowel from where he directs Jubilee pop concerts featuring the likes of Cheryl Cole, Paul McCartney, Steve Wonder and Grace Jones. (*Diamonds may be cut-glass (see accent).):


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A woman in a fancy dress hat featuring Queen Elizabeth II and a corgi waits for the start of the Diamond Jubilee concert at Buckingham Palace, in central London.

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