Anorak News | Nazi-confused French National Front threaten to sue Madonna over Swastika image

Nazi-confused French National Front threaten to sue Madonna over Swastika image

by | 16th, July 2012

MADONNA is in trouble with the French National Front. They might be suing her after she showed a video of party leader – Marine Le Pen – with a swastika on her forehead during a concert in Paris. Of course, most of the fans at the show whooped with delight at the image, but Le Pen’s crew are not pleased at all.

The images that were projected draw a terrible link between the party and an ideology that we reject,” party Vice President Florian Philippot said Monday. “Just because she is rich and well known does not mean we should accept such atrocities. It’s an insult against Marine Le Pen and an insult to all the National Front party members.”

After the image of Pen appeared in the video, it melded into that of one of Adolf Hitler.

Of course, the Daily Mail have been keen to point out that Le Pen has transformed the French National Front and now, it’s a rather good, clean party. And, as you’ve just read, Florian Philippot is keen to distance the party from all those horrible Nazis. They’re not into all that at all.

Wait. What’s this?

Who remembers Alexander Gabriac who was a member of the Central Committee of the FN in 2011? If you don’t, this pup was seen in a photograph online doing a Nazi salute before a swastika flag. That’s just a one-off, right?

Hang on. Who remembers M. Thierry Maillard? He’s the chap responsible a poster that used ’30s Nazi imagery and is a member of FN. These are just two coincidences though, right? Surely the National Front have moved on from all that Nazi business now?

Oh blast! Here comes Pascal Erre, a member of the FN’s national political office, who has a stepson with a very unique tattoo (see above).

Apparently, Monsieur Erre absolutely had no idea about his sprog’s huge Nazi tattoo, despite the fact it must have been a huge talking point, required a number of sittings and… well… his wife’s acknowledgement that she knew all about it and… well… the small matter of Erre having driven this young chap to the tattoo parlour on a number of occasions.

And that he’s also a candidate for FN in local elections.

It would appear that Madonna may not be too worried about such a threat from the French National Front after all, especially if she does more research than us.

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

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