Anorak News | Seb Coe says tweeting Kieran Behan has no chance of Olympic gold

Seb Coe says tweeting Kieran Behan has no chance of Olympic gold

by | 24th, July 2012

HATS off to busy Seb Coe, who has taken time out form running the London Olympics to tell us about soem exciting research. It turns out that using twitter make you a loser, affecting performance:

“I have found quite a close correlation between the number of tweets at competitive times and the level of under-performance. I have found a direct correlation between the amount of activity an athlete enters into on social media and their ultimate performance when it really matters…”

What a fabulous study that must have been, correlating performances against tweets, factoring in all manner of variables – wind, injury, diet, location and more – and reading every single tweet from every single athlete in the world.

Tweets like these from Irish gymnast Kieran Behan, who tweeted his journey to the Olympic stadium:

* Hahaha oooooh dear he nearly took the wrong turn again everyone shouting at him haha all I can say is S**T happens lol 🙂

* Yay he’s found his way lol nearly there now might just say to him its the big white dome with things sticking out it just in case lol 🙂

* Haha over 45 mins and we have just gone round in a circle and we are back where we got on the bus lol let’s start again 🙂

* lol bus driver is lost pretty much missed training he can’t seem to find his way out the olympic park on a gd note now seen all the park 🙂

Now let’s see if he does well at the Games…

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