Anorak News | Why people support Chick-fila-A – a must-see video explainer

Why people support Chick-fila-A – a must-see video explainer

by | 4th, August 2012

WHY did people come out in support of Chick-fila-A, the fast-food chicken shops owned by a man not in favour of gay marriage.

YouTuber Liberalegg surveyed the views of soem who came out to support the chain. As they tell it:

I ask people at Chick-fil-A some simple questions. At least… I thought they were simple enough, until they tried to answer.

In terms of the name calling, this video was not intended as hard-hitting journalism. It was just something funny for my friends, I never expected so many people to see it. I think the video would have been more effective had I allowed them to speak for themselves.

I apologize for the background noise; captions are available (just press the little cc button at the bottom right of the player).

Do press the caption button. Now sit back and enjoy freedom at work:

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