Anorak News | One Direction fan magazine subjects Caroline Flack to Daily Mail-style sexism

One Direction fan magazine subjects Caroline Flack to Daily Mail-style sexism

by | 15th, August 2012

CAROLINE Flack once dated Harry styles, leading hair in One Direction, a teenager her junior by 14 years. Many one Direction fans were upset. Stephanie Eff spotted this article in a One Direction fan magazine subjecting Caroline Flack to Daily Mail-style sexism. Looks like the next generation of the newspaper’s columnists are keeping up with the programme to present all women as competition to ridicule and rubbish in public…

You can click the image to read it in full:

“Never before have 1D fans united in greater numbers than to share their ‘feelings’ for Caroline Flack, the old woman who dated Harry Styles. She was the host of England’s The X Factor where 1D got their break. But today she spends her time reading hate mail. So to help you, here’s voodoo doodoo Caroline.”

UPDATE: The magazine is called Girl’s Guide to One Direction HD. It was published in May 2012 by New York-based publisher Topix Media Lab LLC. You can buy it on via iTunes.

The greatest magazine dedicated to the greatest band in the world. Everything you have to know about One Direction including never-before-seen photographs, backstage controversy, exclusive interviews and secrets on meeting the band (from re-tweets to getting their attention at concerts). Plus digital posters, matching games and the first ever One Direction Awards Ceremony!

In the next issue: bullying. DONTCHAJUSTLUVIT!

Says Topix:

Topix Media Lab cleverly presents each theme or topic to give readers not only a peek behind the curtain, but the A to Z on these subjects, an awesome combination of photos, a bit of humor and so many facts that even the most die-hard fans will come away with new information.



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