Anorak News | Vladimir Putin flies with cranes

Vladimir Putin flies with cranes

by | 6th, September 2012

VLADIMIR Putin will fly at the head of a flock of previously captive cranes. The Flight of Hope will feature Putin clad in a white robe, helmet and optional beak at the birds’ head.

Putin has opted for a hang glider as his mean of elevation. He will not be fired from a cannon. That would, says his reps, be ridiculous.

Putin does love a stunt. Last year we saw him retrieve fragments of ancient Greek amphorae from the ocean’s floor – broken pots later revealed to have been placed there for Putin to find, in much the way way parents might stuff a ‘lost’ teddy up their jumpers or hide an Easter Egg on their heads.

Says one crane: “He says if we don’t follow him he’ll follow us.”


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