Anorak News | Richmond Magazine editor Richard Nye says ‘the only good cyclist is a dead one’

Richmond Magazine editor Richard Nye says ‘the only good cyclist is a dead one’

by | 6th, September 2012

RICHARD Nye, editor of Middlesex listing organ The Richmond Magazine, writes: “…as a daily driver on busy roads, I tend towards the temperate view that the only good cyclist is a dead one.”

The Richmond Magazine contains a half-page display advert from Moore’s Cycles. Will they continue to advertise?

Clients of the mag include: Surrey County Council; Marriot hotels; Nuffield Heath, prep schools and The Whitgift School, where the kids can take part in the cycling club.

So. Having read Nye’s editorial, the Richmond Magazine editor likes Bradley Wiggins but also wants him dead? (Click picture to enlarge). Other Olympians, like Rachel Morris, are getting closer to that dream.

Following the death of a cyclist outside the Olympic park, Wiggins said:

“It’s dangerous and London is a busy city and [there is] a lot of traffic. I think we have to help ourselves sometimes. I haven’t lived in London for 10 to 15 years now and it’s got a lot busier since I was riding a bike as a kid round here, and I got knocked off several times. But I think things are improving to a degree. There are organisations out there who are attempting to make the roads safer for both parties. But at the end of the day we’ve all got to co-exist on the roads. Cyclists are not ever going to go away as much as drivers moan, and as much as cyclists maybe moan about certain drivers they are never going to go away, so there’s got to be a bit of give and take.”

Cycling in London is dangerous. You don’t need an idiot to whip up the battle between car users and cyclists into a death race. These have been a number of deaths on London roads since 2002. Richard Nye may care to consider them on their merits:

Spotter: Richmond Cycling Campaign


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