Anorak News | Pakistani rape gangs demonise Asians and the trashy white working class

Pakistani rape gangs demonise Asians and the trashy white working class

by | 28th, September 2012

THERE’S talk of a nationwide forum to save underage girls from being sexual exploited.  This new “special interest” outfit will share information and knowledge on paedophiles who abuse vulnerable and impressionable children. There will not be another Rochdale. There will not be another Rotherham. Another Derby. And so on…

In soem parts of the country, gangs of men, mainly of Pakistani heritage, have been raping predominately white girls. They are, of course, not the norm. Most paedophiles and deviants are solitary white males. But it’s these gangs that have been ignored by the police and the State.

Edward Timpson, the Children’s Minister, says “too many agencies have failed to get a grip on sexual exploitation and have allowed abusers to escape justice. It is plain wrong if cultural sensitivities or political correctness ever stop crimes being investigated fully.”

Jeremy Browne, the Minister for Crime Prevention, says he’s “political sensitivities must not get in the way of preventing and uncovering child abuse”.

Jim Taylor, the chief executive of Rochdale council, says:

“This is all about understanding how to give the victims confidence to come forward, and how to get from there to a prosecution. Some areas of the country are still in denial about what is happening. You get the feeling they’re more interested in protecting their reputations than in doing the right thing. We have taken the decision to be as open and transparent as we can.”

You can start by prosecuting the police, social workers and other officials who failed to listen to the vulnerable, who ignored they testimonies and please for help.

Jack Straw, the Labour former Home Secretary, says the organised rape gangs had “an ethnic dimension which is typically of Asian men on white girls”.

Asian? They are pussy-footing around. Are Chinese gangs behind the crimewave? Indians? Most of the men come from a Muslim background. They are nominally Muslim. They are a minute minority in a big community. This is not a crime rooted in their culture. It is one rooted in British culture that sees the white, working class British as a mob who if told that a few gangs of Pakistani men are targeting white girls will turn uniformly racist. So warped is the fear of stirring the great unwashed to riot that the word Asian is as close as many in power will let themselves get to identifying the likely culprits. It’s that kind of stupidity that allowed girls to be systematically abused for at least ten years before anything was done.

The prattish Labour MP Keith Vaz, chair of the home affairs select committee, said:

“It’s totally wrong to say that [these crimes are unique to Muslim Pakistani men], because you open up a Pandora’s box as far as race relations is concerned and I don’t think that’s necessarily what we want.”

It’s not them. It’s you. It’s the poor whites, who, upon hearing the truth, will look anew at their neighbours, their friends, their co-workers of Pakistani heritage and burn their houses down. So thick are the whites that they will demonise an entire community on the strength of a small number of perverts. It is, however, perfectly ok for the elite to demonise the whites. Get this from Michael White in the Guardian:

But all sorts of people who are usually quite willing (in some cases eager) to categorise many of society’s ills in terms of discrimination over race and racism – yes, Keith Vaz, MP, I include you – when the victim comes from an ethnic or national minority, throw their hands up in horror at those who highlight the Pakistani or “Asian” connection here. The race relations industry goes into a curious reverse.

At one level we can understand why. The BNP, English Defence League and other professional racists are keen to get their crowbars into cases such as this.

His thinking seems to be that if the extremists get their “crowbars” in, the slack-jawed, reactionary, dumb white working class then will obediently follow the racists.

Mohammed Shafiq, chief executive of the Ramadhan Foundation, put it in bolder terms:

“[British Pakistani males] think that white teenage girls are worthless and can be abused without a second thought; it is this sort of behaviour that is bringing shame on our community.”

One other person talking sense is Simon Danczuk, the MP for Rochdale, who says the “young girls’ cries for help were systematically ignored…I’m in no doubt that the poor response by council services would have emboldened the criminals to make them think they could carry on abusing with impunity.”

You don’t need talking shops. You need to listen.You need to stop viewing the girls as an underclass, a kind go “white trash”, a hideous phrase that belittles and rubbishes an entire group of people. Asians did not invent that phrase and make it acceptable to say in public and in print. Other whites did. And the police and social services believed it.

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