Anorak News | Exposure: The Other Side Of Jimmy: TV show says Sir Jimmy Savile raped children

Exposure: The Other Side Of Jimmy: TV show says Sir Jimmy Savile raped children

by | 28th, September 2012

WHEN Jimmy Savile died the business of exposing his private life began. We met someone who claimed to be his daughter. We read unsubstantiated web rumours of sex with dead bodies. And now the Evening Standard claims Jimmy Savile, Sir James Savile, keeper of Princess Diana secrets and giver of gongs, was a paedophile.

Well, so they allege.

Ten women say Savile “destroyed and devastated” their lives. The ITV show Exposure: The Other Side Of Jimmy claims Savile sexually abused children, the youngest of whom was 13 at the time. A nodding head appears to say what what Savile did “goes beyond anybody’s comprehension” of what Savile was capable of.

Savile was a regular visitor to Duncroft Approved School for Girls, on Moor Lane, Staines. It was a school “for intelligent, emotionally disturbed” girls.

The school has gone.

One burning issue is that Savile is alleged to have jungle jangled with children in his dressing room at BBC Television Centre. Last December, BBC’s Newsnight was going to report on the allegations. but the story was spiked because they had no proof.

Newsnight editor Peter Rippon said:

“It is untrue that our investigation was dropped for anything other than editorial reasons. The piece was not broadcast because the story could not be substantiated. To allege that we are withholding evidence from the police is also damaging and false.”

So. Nothing to do with protecting the corporate image, then?


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Radio One Disc Jockeys take time off to push Jimmy Savile from Broadcasting House to Park Lane by bed, in aid of the Variety Club of Great Britain and the Outward Bound Trust. (L-R) Simon Bates, Dave Lee Travis, Tony Blackburn, Kid Jensen and Steve Wright.


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