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The Secret European Union budget deal that isn’t

by | 20th, November 2012

THE European Union. It’s out to get you. The Daily Express says so. Today the Express yells “SECRET EU PLOT TO STITCH IP BRITAIN.” Macer Hall’s story is that EU officials are “stitching together an ‘alternative’ financial plan that could be agreed with the 26 other member states, leaving the UK isolated”. It’s about the EU’s next €1tn seven-year budget. Britain is the only country calling for a complete EU budget freeze. The long-term budget – 2014-2020 – requires unanimity.

THe “SECRET” the Express exposes was written about on November 15. Reuters reported:

European Union officials are examining legal options to side-step a possible British veto on the bloc’s long-term budget, in a bid to weaken Prime Minister David Cameron’s trump card in the talks, diplomats said.

It’s quite tricky for 26 member states to meet in secret without Britain knowing. The ex-pat community is vigilant.

But attitudes to Europe have changed.

When Britain held a referendum in 1975 on EEC membership, 67% voted “yes”.

A poll earlier this month revealed:

The Opinium/Observer survey finds that 56% of people would probably or definitely vote for the UK to go it alone if they were offered the choice in a referendum.

Back in the Express:

Richard Ashworth, leader of the Tory MPs in the European Parliament, said: “The UK veto may be a thorn in the side of some in Brussels, but it is a legal reality and it is there for a reason…The UK’s negotiators will not give in to threats.”

In search of a still more balanced view on Europe, the Express speak to – yep – Ukip leader Nigel Farage:

“Have they never heard of the cry ‘No taxation without representation’? This move could lead to a revolution for UK independence.”

Still more balance arrives:

Tim Aker, of anti-Brussels campaign group Get Britain Out, said: “There is simply no justification for any increase in EU spending. British families are having to tighten their belts; the EU should do the same. A failure to do so will reinforce the calls in the UK for an in-or-out EU Referendum and a vote to get Britain out of the EU.”

The Express’ article is not exactly impartial…

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