Anorak News | Greens hypocrisy over Jonathan ‘Luther Jesus Mandela Ghandi’ Moylan’s fakery

Greens hypocrisy over Jonathan ‘Luther Jesus Mandela Ghandi’ Moylan’s fakery

by | 11th, January 2013

WHEN green activist Jonathan Moylan issued a fake press release that led to millions of dollars being wiped off the share price of coal company Whitehaven, he became God’s representative on Earth. Bob Brown, former leader of the Australian Greens, writes in the SMH:

History is full of this. Gandhi and Mandela went to jail. Martin Luther King was assassinated. Jesus Christ turned up at the businessmen’s tables and look what happened to him. Anti-slavery campaigner John Brown’s ‘’body lies mouldering in the grave’’ and suffragette Emily Davidson was killed when she ran in front of the horses at the 1913 Epsom Derby.

Greens have praised Moylan’s fake press release. Greens leader Christine Milne supports Moylan’s fakery:

“So what we had is an activist… [who] came out and took a direct action in this regard. It’s a non-violent direct action. There’s a long and proud history in Australia of civil disobedience.”

So fakery is always good. What if you disagree with the faker? In 2005, Brown’s Greens wanted truth:

The Press Council has upheld a complaint by Senator Bob Brown against The Herald Sun, Melbourne, for an article, headed Greens back illegal drugs, published on 31 August 2004 in the lead-up to the 2004 federal election.

In the article a number of false claims were made about Greens Party policies. The article was accompanied by a graphic entitled ‘What they stand for’. The graphic listed 20 broad proposals claimed to be advocated by the Greens.

Sen. Brown said a number of claims made by the paper in the article or graphic were wrong, including:

an alleged policy of a 33 per cent hike in company tax to at least 49 cents in the dollar (which did not reflect current Greens policy); suggestions that people would be forced to ride bicycles more often and eat less meat and business people to use alternatives such as rail, boat and teleconferencing (no coercion is advocated in the policies); existence of policies to keep out business immigrants, introduce taxes on family homes, drive farmers from their land and reduce infrastructure to 1995 levels (no such policies exists, Sen. Brown says); anda desire to cut the population by 2 million…

Fake press release: fine. Fake press: bad.

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