Anorak News | Mayor balanced strawberry on manhood in unwelcome photo

Mayor balanced strawberry on manhood in unwelcome photo

by | 22nd, February 2013

TO South Africa, where Jonas Whitemayor of Cederberg municipality, is accused of sending unseemly photographs to his deputy, Lorna Scheepers. The  pick of the bunch is an alleged shot of his erect penis coasted in cream and decorated with a strawberry.


Even more so if the cream is single cream. You can balance anything on Devonshire clotted cream. But the true test of swordmanship is  getting a whole strawberry to sit on your slippery vine. If Mr White is guilty, he may care to seek out new career with the Puppertry of the Penis players.

Note: White’s spokesman Anthony Mlata says: “The mayor does not recall sending inappropriate messages to any of the citizens in the municipal area in his official capacity.” 


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