Anorak News | Pregnant Kate Middleton gives teddy to her Dumeril’s Monitor

Pregnant Kate Middleton gives teddy to her Dumeril’s Monitor

by | 6th, March 2013

Royal visit to Grimsby

IS Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, having a dinosaur? When Sandra Cook, 67, gave Kate a teddy bear in Grimsby, the Duchess said: “Thank you, I’ll give that to my d…”

Daughter. Sandra Cook thought so. Kate never finished the word. Sandra pressed her.

“No, we don’t know,” said Kate. “We’re not telling.”

What was she doing to say? We consulted a few experts:

David Icke: “Dumeril’s Monitor: In Buckingham Palace, Dumeril’s monitors commonly feed on insects, snails, crabs, frogs, fish and children.”

Barbara Woodhouse’s daughter: “Dog. Dogs love ripping the crap out of teddy bears.”

Hugh Hefner: “Daddy. Daddy’s girls love their teddies.”

Prince Philip: “Disappointment. Eddie has a vast collection of gonks and Barbie action figures. He’s looking to form new interests. Teddies just might be it.”

Prince Harry: “Dick. It’s what she calls Willy.”

Royal Insider: “Diamonds Polisher. Kate has three full-time diamond buffers. One is approaching her sixth birthday.”

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