Anorak News | ‘Dead’ Simon Cowell has a baby girl and lots of sex (says Daily Star)

‘Dead’ Simon Cowell has a baby girl and lots of sex (says Daily Star)

by | 14th, April 2013

EDS14 001 _ 1STIN 2011, the Daily Star told us that Simon Cowell was dead. But then by page 2 readers noticed that the “TELLY KING’S” features were frozen by Botox not rigor mortis and Cowell was alive.

Two years later and the Star has more front-page news on Cowell:


For breakfast? For her skin? Cowell is quoted:

“Would I adopt? No, I think I would rather have my own but I wouldn’t rule it out either. I have to say I would prefer a girl.”

How’s that for a “WORLD EXCLUSIVE”? Well, the Mirror thinks it’s a good story, reporting:

“Would I like kids? If I knew I could be, and how could I put this delicately, faithful, then yes. I do like kids. I’m not sure I would be a good dad for the first six months or so but once they know who I am, I would like it. I definitely haven’t ruled out ­having children.”

The story that Simon Cowell has no children is in every tabloid. But only the Star dresses it up as a front-page exclusive and links it to his rampant sex life. (Who needs super-injunctions and Leveson when you’re thrusting hetro Simon Cowell?)

Long-time bachelor Simon, 53, rekindled his romance with make-up artist Mezghan, 40, during secret overnight dates at his LA mansion…

A source told us: “Simon still fancies Mezghan like mad.”

Or as the Mail says:

Simon has had a variety of long term relationships over the years and it was only last year that he broke off his engagement to Mezhgan. But despite no longer being a couple the pair still remain close and she has joined his list of exes who travel about with him.

And in the Sun:

Simon broke off his engagement to make-up artist Mezhgan Hussainy last year and has since dated a number of women, including ex-Baywatch star Carmen Electra, 40.

In 2011, Cowell told GQ:

“At my age, the reality is I wouldn’t have the patience. With the schedule, the crazy hours, I don’t think it would work.”

No say nothing of that rampant sex life.

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