Anorak News | Julia Gillard hit by Salamist sandwich tossers

Julia Gillard hit by Salamist sandwich tossers

by | 1st, June 2013

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AUSTRALIAN Prime Minister Julia Gillard is the target for Salamist sandwich tossers. In early May, Amy Remeikis reported:

There was one student holding a handwritten “Kevin Rudd 2013” sign. There were a few more who spoke about Mr Rudd … Somewhere in there, half a Vegemite sandwich was thrown, allegedly by a student.

The culprit was dealt with:

PRIME Minister Julia Gillard says she’s treating a sandwich attack at a Queensland school as a laughing matter – but won’t be offering a Prime Ministerial pardon. Kyle Thomson, 16, has been suspended for 15 days after being blamed for throwing the sandwich as an otherwise friendly group of students mobbed the PM.

She said:

“I didn’t see a sandwich in the air. I did see half a sandwich on the ground.”

An investigation was demanded:

Kyle’s mother believes her son is being unfairly blamed for the incident and has demanded all footage from the visit be reviewed to find the real culprit.

And then in happened again in Canberra:

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has had a sandwich thrown at her during a school visit for the second time this month.

Ms Gillard was walking in a crowded foyer at Lyneham High School – where she was announcing the ACT had signed up to her Gonski reforms – when the salami sandwich was thrown.

It was lobbed from behind, over the top of her head, and landed at her feet.

Stephanie Peatling told us:

The PM was not hit. I repeat the PM was not hit by the sandwich. 


The bread-based missile, which appeared to contain salami and what was possibly a slice of cheese, was lobbed by an as-yet unidentified culprit in a crowd of students. It is reported to have hit her arm before falling to the ground …

File under: Sandwich monkeys…

Spotter: Tim Blair

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